Products and Help in Australia (and NZ)

(In the following my preferred sources of various products are listed, sometimes these are also available from other outlets).

AIR ENERGISER & WATER IONISER: Powerful Geomed Air Energiser for direct inhalation, helpful with all diseases but especially with any kind of lung or breathing problem or just to improve energy and general wellbeing. Also strong batch type water ioniser, phone 07-49 590 796,

ALKALINE FOOD - Overcome many of your dietary based health challenges by choosing alkaline food.

ASEHA - Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association, giving support to people with allergy, food intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), attention deficit disorder etc at

BIOFARM AGRGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES: Biological soil management, soil microbial inoculants, organic fertilizers and soil conditioners:

BIO PAINTS, non-toxic from Bio Products Australia,

CANCER SUPPORT: An excellent newsletter (6/year) is produced by the Sydney-based Cancer Information & Support Society (CISS) In Melbourne is the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia, The Gawler Foundation is also near Melbourne; Cansurvive is at the Sunshine Coast (Qld),; The Petrea King Quest for Life Centre The Cancer Support Association of Western Australia has a newsletter and a large informative website at

CANCER CDs: Cancer Music - free to download soothing music with special radionics frequencies that help to overcome cancer, see Self Hypnosis Cancer CD for boosting the immune system and releasing repressed emotions, see

CANSEMA: Cream for removing skin cancer, also other health products see or

COLLOIDAL SILVER: For high-voltage colloidal silver (more colloids, less ionic silver) see . For 9V generators see

DRUG INFORMATION RESOURCE: For information on the potential dangers of prescribed drugs and medical devices.

ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION: Low-cost meter for measuring electricity absorbed by the body, also protective copper coils phone 0427-156251,

GRAIN MILLS & JUICERS from L.B. Healing Products, or

HARALD TIETZE: Health information, urine therapy, Kambucha, water activator, books,

HEALTH & HEALING, Journal of Complementary Medicine,

HEAL YOURSELF Series of Books:

HERBS: Austral Herbs,, also Phytofoods

HIPPOCRATES HEALTH CENTRE of Australia: Wheat grass juice cures, Also see Elaine Hollingsworth at

HULDA CLARK PARASITE REMEDY and other Hulda Clark products, also a wide range of supplements, juicers, water ionisers, colon cleanse/enema kits, Inner Glow Health Products,

INSECTICIDES: Don’t Waste promote healthy Insecticides and Insect deterrents, Body Protection kits, and Magnesium Chloride as well as Ra products,

JUICERS: LB Healing Products, or; To Health By Choice,, and Vitality 4 Life,

LES DYER: Spiritual healer and counsellor, workshops, retreats, channelled readings, spiritual healing and transformational counselling. See, or, or, or; also group workshop in Mackay for social-emotional healing, call 0438751108 or 0428729315.

LYMPHACISER and Body Energiser: RH48, the best,

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE and MAGNESIUM OIL from, and also from (see entry for INSECTICIDES).

MAGNETS: AMF Magnetics at For pain or problems with the back, elbows, knees and ankles magnetic body wraps with 6 or more south-pointing neodymium magnets are available from

MAGNETIC PULSER: Klemens Health Care Products, (super-pulser up to 10 pulses per second), e-mail; also see below under ZAPPERS AND PULSERS.

MANDALAS: also Star, Gem and Flower Essences, Books, Retreats, Workshops. Evenstar Creations,

MAORI - PACIFIC ISLANDERS: see The Gift of Mamaku at

MAROON BUSH: Used as anti-microbial and anti-cancer agent, see

NEXUS MAGAZINE: Cutting Edge Information on natural health developments, free energy research, future science, government lies and cover-ups. Also alternative books and videos. Mapleton Qld,

ORGANIC NZ organic and sustainable living magazine at

ORGANIC PRODUCE: For an informative site on organic gardening see

ORGANIC MEAT IN AUSTRALIA: for organic, grass fed, "happy' beef, and for genuine organic lamb and pork from stress free animals.

PROBIOTICS: For a variety of lactic acid fermented products see,

RA BODY & MIND CENTRE offers a range of Minerals, Oils, Herbs and treatments to complement your life. Colloidal Sea Minerals * Colloidal Silver * Colloidal Gold * Colloidal Zinc * Colloidal Copper * Lugol’s Solution * MMS * Stabilized Liquid Oxygen * Swishing Oil * Essential Oils. Shop 2,
348 Shute Hbr Rd, Airlie Beach, Qld, Australia. Phone/Fax : 07 4948 1355,

SOLADAY TOOTHBRUSH: converts light into negative ions, which neutralise acids and disintegrate plaque. New Options Healthcare,

SPECIAL HEALTH PRODUCTS: Colostrum, Gorgeous Greens (mixture of spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass and barley greens), LIPASE (fungal lipase), aqueous 10% iodine solution, MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane, N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine from

SUPPLEMENTS: A wide range of cheap but high-quality nutritional and herbal products, mainly as powders (200g to 1kg) from Morlife, Tablets and capsules from Golden Glow,

TACHYON PRODUCTS to energise yourself as well as food and water from Advanced Tachyon Technologies, Ph: 02-4284 6160,

TANTRA: From Sex to Love and Beyond call 1800 623 262,

THAI HEALTH AND CLEANSING RETREAT: Chiang Mai, Thailand,; also and

VACCINATION INFORMATION: Make an informed choice, see

VOLCANIC ROCK DUST, low in iron from Nutri-Tech Solutions or Minplus high in iron from International Mineral Consultants

WATER DISTILLERS: Major supplier of Pure Water Distillers, Juicers and Shower Filters. Brands such as: Pure Magic, Polar Bear, Genie, Water Wizard, Samson, Hippocrates, Green Star, Galaxy, Oscar. Water Distillers Australia

WATER FILTERS and IONIZERS: Reverse osmosis, water ionisers, KDF-GAC filters and related equipment at very competitive prices from

WATER IONIZERS to produce alkaline water with a high antioxidant (ORP) potential,

WATER QUALITY TESTING: Milwaukee Meters have a wide range of meters to measure pH, ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), TDS (total dissolved solids) oxygen and others,