We may not always get what we want, but we always get what we choose.
Therefore, choose wisely.


by Walter Last

Our conscious decisions are made on the mental level with our mind. Therefore, all healing and all improvement in our living conditions start at this level. It is here that we must take the first step with a conscious decision that we want to improve conditions by following a suitable program. If we see the progression of our lives as a creative process, then we may see the mind as the architect.

In our society rational thinking and the intellect are worshipped, while feeling and intuition are grossly neglected. The reason for this imbalance can be found in the distorted goals and ideals of our society that has lost sight of the 'inner values' and externalized all values. Thus, inner riches, such as wisdom, devotion, patience, compassion, are replaced with material riches; inner purity is forsaken and traded in for excessive external cleanliness and hygiene, while success is measured as monetary wealth and dominance instead of self-mastery.

Thinking is the most important tool for achieving such external success, while tender feelings are a disadvantage for success in our society. However, thinking is basically neutral and we can also use it to our advantage in healing our body as well as our emotions. Proper thinking is required to discard unsuitable beliefs and replace them with an appropriate belief system. If we accept that negative thoughts and beliefs are an originating cause of our health and social problems, then we may say that our mind is in need of healing by replacing disease-forming negative beliefs with health-giving positive beliefs.

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