by Walter Last


Nutrition is the main tool with which I helped patients overcome a wide range of diseases claimed medically to be incurable. Unnatural nutrition is one of the major causes of most of our diseases, while natural nutrition is an equally powerful agent in curing these diseases and rejuvenating our bodies.

I feel that my training and work experience as research chemist, biochemist and toxicologist, together with that of practising nutritionist and natural therapist, allow me an insight that would not have been possible if I had worked only as a conventional scientist or as a natural therapist.

There is presently a growing trend in conventional medicine to acknowledge the importance of nutrition in causing and curing diseases. Health authorities even conduct public awareness campaigns about nutrition through the mass media. While this newly found official interest in itself is a positive development, the actual information that is conveyed is not likely to reduce the overall rate of chronic diseases. In fact I believe that most of our modern diseases are directly linked to the poor quality or misleading information provided by official health authorities, and since the first edition of this book conditions have further deteriorated.

Here just a few examples. US health agencies even now still maintain that food grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides is as safe and nutritious as organically grown food; that it is beneficial to add fluoride to water, that chlorinated water is safe, or that pasteurized milk products are as healthy as fresh and raw products. They, as well as the authorities of the EU claim that medical drugs are safe, effective and the preferred form of treatment for diseases, while nutritional supplements and herbs used by natural therapists are dangerous and need to be tightly controlled.

Another example is the US health campaign in the 1980’s to vilify fats and promote carbohydrates instead. While overweight and obesity rates had been steady before this, they more than doubled and tripled since then, increasing the rate of diabetes and other diseases by the same amount.

Finally, the medical habit of prescribing antibiotics without protecting the natural intestinal flora has resulted in most individuals now having dysbiosis – bad or pathogenic microbes in the intestines and in the blood, and severely compromised immune systems, causing multiple allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. This has prompted me to put intestinal sanitation on top of the steps required for health improvement.

The information in this book, on the other hand, has grown out of practical experience in the prevention as well as the cure of most of our chronic and medically incurable diseases and is therefore more useful.

Most of our commonly eaten foods contribute to gradual health deterioration and the development of chronic diseases. This book explains in detail why and how our everyday 'problem' foods cause our diseases and how potent health foods can be used to cure these diseases and rejuvenate our bodies.

Healing Foods gives the theoretical explanations so that you, the reader, can make intelligent and informed choices. Depending on your health goals and present health problems, you may either make some gradual adjustments to your present diet or decide to go all the way and experiment with the most powerful health diet designed to cure incurable diseases and rejuvenate body and mind. The reward in terms of improved health is generally proportional to the effort.

Walter Last - Mackay, Australia 2007

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Originally published by Penguin Books Australia in 1992, now out of print. Updated and modified for the Health-Science-Spirit website in 2003, revised Hungarian edition in 2007.